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Michelin Road 5 Sport Touring Tyres

Michelin Road 5 is Michelin's latest range when it comes to Sport Touring tyres and it plans to blow you away. If you think the Pilot Road 4 was the best thing since sliced bread then get ready to be wowed!! This exciting newcomer is poised to succeed because it has been developed and improved from the Eurpoean benchmark "stock", the Pilot Road 4. Since its DNA comes for the Pilot Road 4 then imagine what this tyre is like with an extra 4 years of technological development and experience.

Notice the Michelin Road 5 has dropped the Pilot from its title. As you would expect the imrpovements come in various areas because Michelin, as a company, believe that a tyre needs to be improved as a whole and not just one aspect. Let's take grip for example. Unsurprisingly, motorcyclists demand strong braking performance. To address this concern, Michelin took the topping power of this Sport Touring tyre a step further by ensuring that this did not diminish with miles on the clock. So in one of their in house tests, the Road 5 stopped faster, under braking a pair of new Pilot Road 4s even with 3000 miles on the clock!!

To obtain tis level of performance, Michelin have taken the Michelin XST sipe technology from their car tyres and combined these sipes with reservoirs so to slice through surface water and improve the tyre's water clearence capabilities. In addition the latest rubber compounds have been used together with the already trusted and successful dual compounds, 2CT and the 2CT+ technologies to create a tyre that gives optimal grip, superior stability and comfort.