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New Ducati Panigale 1299

Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres have proven time and again that when it comes to street racing and ultra high performance bikes they, as a brand, have become for many manufacturers the first choice. This can be said for the new Ducati1299 Panigale and 1299 Panigale S and Panigale R which will be fitted with PirelliDiabloSuperCorsaSP 120/70ZR17 and 200/55ZR17.

What Pirelli have done is transferred the concentration of their own technology and vast experience as the sole supplier of WorldSuperBike Championships since 2004 and adapted it to the road. A key difference for example of this tyre compared to the compounded SC version which is used for the track is the bi-compound rear tyre which is better for street riders since it offers a more regular wear and at the same time increased mileage. It kind of seems the best solution really, imagine that?

Basically you have a racing tyre offering you all the grip in the world and providing the rider with great confidence and at the same time the safety and comfort you would expect for riding on the road. The solutions Pirelli have adopted for the compound (soft compound area 23% larger) and the tread (greater extension of the slick area on the shoulders) guarantee a significant increase in grip and traction, allowing the motorcycle to maintain a higher speed whilst leaning. Because of this it was necessary to use a structure, derived directly from the ones used in competition and be able to provide greater resistance to deformation. This is why the Pirelli DIABLO Supercorsa SP rear tyre has a carcass made from an innovative high module fibre, patented by Pirelli and developed in WSBK, with a considerably lower deformation ratio than the fibre normally used in street tyres.

The result is a carcass which is more rigid, both at the centre and in the shoulder area. This provides greater resistance to the stress created by aggressive cornering or when accelerating early out of a turn with the bike still in a leaning position.

At the end of the day we are talking about the very top end of hyper sport motorcycles so this is exactly that in the Diablo Super Corsa SP however, Pirelli have a very wide range of Sport tyres and sport touring tyres to suit any bike or rider's needs. The other end of the spectrum in Sport tyres would be someting like the Pirelli Diablo where you can pick up a set for £146.00 including VAT for the popular 120/70ZR17 + 180/55ZR17!!