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Pilot Road GT vs Standard

Pilot Road GT vs Standard

It's important that the following information considers Michelin and specifically the Pilot Road 4 and the Road 5. So is the GT for across the board "heavy bikes" or bikes being fitted with loaded panniers or the fact that the motorbike is rode with two?

According to Michelin, this is a misconception when it comes to their products at least. The fitment "GT" has nothing to do with the weight of the bike. It is simply to do with the handling of the motorcycle where Michelin feel a tyre with a slightly different casing construction would be beneficial.

At high speeds using a standard tyre can cause high speed wobble, which is why Michelin recommend the GT tyre is fitted, ensuring the rider gets the best feel and ride he would expect in all conditions.

Below is a list of motorcycles that Michelin recommend the GT version:

  1. BMW R 850 RT
  2. BMW R 1150 RT
  3. BMW K 1200 GT
  4. BMW K 1200 RS
  5. BMW R 1200 RT
  6. BMW K 1300 GT
  7. BMW K 1600 GT
  8. BMW K 1600 GTL
  9. DUCATI ST 2 944
  10. HONDA ST 1300 Pan European
  11. KAWASAKI 1400 GTR
  12. MOTO GUZZI Norge 1200
  13. MOTO GUZZI Norge 1200 GT 8V
  14. TRIUMPH Trophy 900
  15. TRIUMPH Sprint GT
  16. TRIUMPH Trophy 1200
  17. YAMAHA TDM 900
  18. YAMAHA FJR 1300
  19. YAMAHA FJR 1300 A / ABS
  20. YAMAHA FJR 1300 AE
  21. YAMAHA FJR 1300 AS