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We'll start with Avon as they are the only major brand that begins with the first letter of the alphabet and because they are British. Sometimes the first thing we look at is price also the look of the tyre but there is alot more to factor. Avon has 3 Hypersport or very Sporty ranges and basically it's all about how soft the compound is and how quick it heats up. The softer compounds are more suited for racing and track days whereas the slight "harder" compounds, for want of a better word, are still soft for an "aggresive" rider but offers better mileage on the road. Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme The is a utra high performance trackday tyre, recommended for the racer in you. The 3D Ultra Xtreme offers superb dry weather performance thanks to the super sticky rubber compound. As you would expect, of course, on a tyre like this, there is a very quickly reached working tempurature. There is also larger footprint at extreme angles. The 3D siping with interlocking three dimentional points which have been introduced in all of Avon motorcycle tyres sport and hypersport range improve stability and grip, limit tread flex and allow the tyre to warm up quickly. Only three sizes available: 120/70ZR17, 180/55ZR17 and 190/55ZR17. Avon 3D Ultra SuperSport Avon motorycle tyres continue their innovation with the introduction of the Avon 3D Ultra Supersport hypersport tyre. You may be familiar with the VP2 range, well this is its yonger brother from another mother. A totally new in concept and design tyre together with different compound mixtures. The all new 3D Ultra Supersport provides superb performance on the road but at the same time can be also used for trackdays. The design is a high performance tread compound that offers precise handling characteristics. The 3D siping, hence the name, with interlocking three dimensional points improve stability and grip, limit tread flex and allow the motorcycle tyre to warm up quickly. This new technology not only increases mechanical grip, giving improved traction in both the wet and dry, but it also enhances handling and ride comfort. Avon 3D Ultra Sport Once again we see the 3D technology. What does this mean I hear you say. Well put as simply as possible, it means that small groves at various strategic points of in the tyre interlock giving extra stability and grip at high speeds together with less tread flex when appropriate. This 3D tech also allows the tyre to warm up much faster. Some of the outstanding features of the 3D Ultra are: As you would expect great handling ability. At extreme angels a large footprint. The (SRS) or Super Rich Silica single and multi-compound treads enhance wet grip. This motorcycle tyre is brilliant for high performance bikes and is estimated to offer around 5% increase in durabilty in comparisons to the VP2. Alot more sizes available in this range. Those are the sport ranges. But for many, their bike is used to commute or for the occasional weekend tour. They still want a sticky safe tyre, maybe not as soft because they want decent mileage. At the end of the day the majority of their journey is done vertically (not at an angle) in the city or motorway. Then the Sport-Touring range maybe the option. The are two options. Avon Storm 3D X-M As with the whole Avon 3D range these tyres have interlocking three dimemsional points hidden in the sipes so as to improve the stability and grip of the tyre and limit tread flexing. These 3D sipes together with the rich silica multi-compounds allow for quick warm up and gives superb handling and stability. Enhanced wet grip. As time progresses there are more and more sizes being made available until this range completely supercedes the Storm 2. The X-M stands for extra mileage!! Avon Storm 2 Ultra The Avon Storm 2 Ultra is actually the evolution of the award winning Storm-ST range. The was the first generation of dual compound tyre. It is still very popular but will be eventually superceded by the 3D X-M. For the time being some of the popular sizes are still available but the other important thing is that they are probably the cheapest dual compound sport-touring tyre on the market. What makes them that extra special is that they are actually manufactured in England. Probably the type of tyre that Avon has a fantastic reputation worldwide and at the same time a huge following here and the USA is for the cruiser, chopper or custom bike. Avon AV71/ AV72 Cobra The Avon Cobra has a nimble character once reserved only for agile race-bred bikes, but at the same time it does not disrupt the all-important stability. The Advanced-Variable Density Belt - improves handling in the much wider Cobra sizes. This construction technology utilises a jointless belt of ultra-strong material. Above the carcass, these strands are wound closely together at the tyres centre for increased stability and wear resistance. Towards the edges of the tyre fibres are then progressively spaced out to allow the tyre to take on a multi-compound effect espacially useful when leaning. The tread is aggressive and features FFG - Force Following Grooves - to follow the exact direction of forces that are transferred through the tyre. These channels significantly reduce irregular and advanced wear on bikes that carry heavy loads. Each Avon Cobra AV72 rear tyre also features the distinctive snake head logo on the sidewall. Available in a wide range of sizes, ranging is fitments for Harley Davidson V-Rod, Triumph Rocket III, Honda Goldwing and Valkyrie plus other sizes for varous custom bike applications. In this range there are also some WhiteWall sizes. Avon AM41/ AM42 Venom Motorcycles that are used for long distance touring and could be hauling heavy loads need a motorcycle tyre specifically designed for the task. One of the popular classic options is the Avon Venom however, the sizes available are dwindling as the new Cobra range takes over. A cruiser bike favorite. Special attention has been given to the Venom tread pattern to ensure that it produces low noise levels, a critical quality if you are going far. Thanks to its carcass construction and tread rubber formulation, this motorcycle tyre is whats known as a low-rolling resistance. This means it has long life characteristics and aids fuel consumption. The Venoms are designed to be very stable through corners. This gives the rider comfort and confidence. The range also includes some reinforced fitments which enables motorbike carrying heavy loads to do just that with ease. Many have a bike that they use for getting from A to B. They can't fit radial tyres and sizes but they want a tyre that does exactly what it made to do. Be safe and comfortable and give decent mileage. The next tyre we will discuss is a bit of a "work horse". Avon AM26 Roadrider When you rely on your motorbike as everyday transport, you want tyres that combine outstanding performance with long life, that's why you choose Avon's Roadrider. The Avon Roadrider's rubber compound is specially formulated to give excellent road-holding all year-round, while its carcass design provides a large 'footprint' at all lean angles. This motorcycle tyre's high performance credentials are reinforced by the fact that all Roadriders are V speed rated up to 149mph (240kph). Another feature of the Avon Roadrider that commuters in particular will appreciate is its central tread groove, designed to resist the 'white-lining' effect that can occur when riding over thickly applied road marker paint. A large range of sizes means that the Avon Roadrider is ideal for a wide variety of bikes, including more traditional types. Don't be afraid that all the tyres are TL (tubeless). Avon have done this on purpose because those classic bikes with spoked wheels that need an inner tube can still use this range, just fit with an inner tube.......simple! Some bikes are enduro or have that "adventure" look and fitting street looking tyres would make the bike look odd. For those bikes Avon have the following: Avon Distanzia AM43 AM44 Specially designed for larger capacity dual-sport bikes, the Avon Distanzia has a rugged tread pattern tread pattern and a rubber compound that blends excellent wet and dry road holding with long life characteristics. The truth be said, most dual sport bike rides dont use their bikes off road much. This is why Avon motorcycle tyres have biased their tyres more towards on-road ability. A stable cruiser, the Avon Distanzia is available with 'S' (112mph), 'T' (118mph), speed ratings for small to medium sized bikes, and 'H' (130mph) and 'V' (149mph) for bigger machines. Available in various size and speed ratings to suit many different machines. Sizes available for Supermoto (SM). And finally we cannot leave out the scooter range. Scooter are becoming more and more part of our lives as they become cheaper, more economical to run and easier to use. Avon Viper Styke AM63 Whether it is because of the fact that traffic and congestion in major cities of the world has become very time consuming or just because we want to travel more economically, motorcycle tyre manufacturers have been forced to make great advances in scooter tyre design and production. Manufacturers like Avon have had to design and produce tyres for these modern machines which are very capable of high speeds. Scooters in actual fact have become in many cases high performance machines, so Avon motorcycle tyres have produced the Avon Viper Stryke AM63, a scooter tyre that has managed to bring together great handling and agility in conjuction with durability. Because the scooter of today is so very versatile, especially with regards the larger machines which can be used for travelling long distances or just for whizzing around town, the AM63 Avon Viper Stryke has been made to offer a quiet comfortable ride. This scooter tyre is available in a large range of sizes to fit many of the popular high performance scooters. So if you are looking for a scooter tyre that is value for money, reassuringly long tyre life, great handling and comfort then Avon motorcycle tyres suggest their Viper Stryke!