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Why Buy Dunlop Motorcycle Tyres

Why Buy Dunlop Motorcycle Tyres

Dunlop are one of those brands that probably everybody knows even if they know absolutely nothing about cars or bikes. Is it becuase they have been around since year dot? Well you could go all the way back to 1888 and you would find out that yes, Dunlop created the first pneumatic tyre. Since then of course the company has grown and there have been many more first and successes in many competitions. But our focus will be on the motorcycle tyre side of things. So lets take a brief look and what the company has to offer the motorcyclist of today through it's various ranges so as to make the correct choice for our needs and our bike.

As always we'll begin with the Racing and track day tyres, then go through the hypersport and sport touring ranges before ending up with the enduro, commuting and scooter tyres. Dunlop D212 GP Racer Slick has the same compound as the GP Racer D212 but with the tread!! Of course the Slick version delivers even more dry grip and performance on dry surfaces, and because there are no tread grooves, even faster handling response, but still with very linear progression from upright to maximum lean. Such a class act and so popular these slicks have made many of us get that real race feel. The D212 Slick's accessibility and success comes from Dunlop's revolutionary NTEC system taken directly from Dunlop's D212GP race tyre. This provides a pressure tuning option allowing bike riders to alter tyre pressures for ultimate grip on track (with rear tyres able to be run at extremely low pressures). Dunlop Sportmax D212 GP Racer is a race tyre that really needs no introduction since it has won consistently at every level of world motorsport - club, national and international- since its launch. Basically it's the D212's twin brother but with grooves and tread. This makes it possible to be used in wet conditions. Depending on the confidence, needs and mileage required these motorcycle tyres are available in Soft, Medium and Endurance compounds. Dunlop Sportmax D213 GP Pro is a further development of the technology used on the D212 GP which revolutionised the ultra-performance tyre market. This motorbike tyre is incredibly a road legal tyre so it will give you that formidable performance on the road and track!! The MT or Multi-Tread technology ensures stability, braking and longer tread durability. The sidewalls are stabilised with belt-to-carcass angels creating resposive transitions when leaning. For the front tyre 2 compound is for low to medium tempuratures and medium Sprint Races of 80-90km. The 3 compound is for medium to higher tempuratures and medium Sprint Races of 80-90km. The 4 compound is for high tempuratures and Longer races. When it comes to the rear The 4 compound is for low to high tempuratures and short medium Sprint races and compound 5 is for low to high tempuratures and long, endurance races.

Dunlop Sportsmart Mk3 is the latest generation of Dunlop's Hypersport tyres which as you would expect promises improved steering response over its predecessor due to the fact that the front tyre is a more V-shaped profile giving the rider the ability to quickly change direction. Of course these motorcycle tyres promise smoother handling, increased stability and durability. Both front and rear tyres feature Dunlop's Jointless Belt technology (JLB) which means the tyre's belt is made from one strip, wound around the carcass instead of layering of material which eliminates overlap. The Dunlop Sportsmart 2 Max is the previous range so to speak. Dunlop Qualifier II is a great tyre and still preferred by some in the "Sports" category for motorcycle tyres. To be honest however, the sizes produced now are gradually dwindelling since the launch of the Sportsmarts however, the prices have come down making them more affordable. They were, I suppose, the first generation in dual compound motorbike tyres produced by Dunlop.

Dunlop want to produce the ultimate all-rounder. And its calling that new rubber the RoadSmart III. Although the Roadsmart 3 has been introduced quite soon after the award-winning standard RoadSmart 2, Dunlop claims its new version is an evolution, rather than a revolution of the popular sports-touring tyre. The thing is, the technology involved suggests otherwise. Everything, starting from the 2s carcass (new JLB steel belt technology) to its compound (it now features liquid polymer in the make-up) has changed. Even a new front tread pattern has been designed that claims to improve wet grip levels by a substantial 10%! Another aspect which is very important in this day and age is that the longevity of the tyre has been improved by 25% (thanks to better silica dispersion). The Dunlop Roadsmart without getting too technical is the Roadsmart 2's older brother, it's predecessor if you will. A dual compound motorbike tyre that offers excellent durability and grip. Look, if your bike fits these type of radial tyres and you use the motorbike to commute, and you love the country roads for touring, you're not the aggressive type of rider what wants to shave seconds off his journey and would like the tyre to last, then the Roadsmart should be one of the Sport-Touring tyres you consider. Really and truly a great all-rounder Sport Touring tyre for your motorcycle.

Dunlop Arrowmax Streetsmart is the bread and butter, the classic bias-ply motorcycle tyre specifically created for mid-range commuter motorbikes that are ridden in a wide variety of conditions. By combining a traditional tyre concept with Dunlop's latest compound and casing technology any rider will experience an improvement in the handling of their motorcycle. The tyre's constitution is Silica enhanced compounds that reduce warm up times and improve grip in wet or dry conditions. Latest generation construction using cross-ply and casing materials helps to deliver predictable handling, high-speed performance together with excellent comfort. Unique tread pattern accelerates water drainage for enhanced wet grip. -Deep tread depth provides the obvious, extra mileage. -Tyre profiles create a larger contact patch for great cornering and handling. Want you bike to do the job with no let downs, then it would be worth your while condidering this motorbike tyre.

Dunlop D404 together with the Amercan Elite and Elite 4 are Touring/ Sport Bias/ Cruiser motorycle tyre. In other words a tyre made for your 'chopper' bike. An all-round good performing tyre available in many sizes to fit a wide range of standard, cruiser and older motorcycles. It's quite legendary actually since it has been produced for some many years and is still very popular amongst you "hells angels". The tread compound delivers impressive balance of mileage and grip. The front and rear tread patterns are designed for outstanding water evacuation and wet grip. Bias-ply construction designe to delivera smooth ride for maximum comfort. The tyre also has an offset centre groove for excellent straight-line stability. Although there are also some radial sizes available. These are for those big cruiser bikes, those "beasts" of the motorcycle world like your Honda Goldwing and the like.

Dunlop Trailsmart Maxnow, we've moved on again and entered into the world of Enduro tyres. The true spirit of adventure comes alive with the Dunlop Trailsmart Max. Dunlop's fantastically capable adventure/tourer tyre...Taking your motorcycle on an adventure or the main roads doesn't become a worry!! By blending all of their off-road expertise with their extensive research and development in road based tyres, Dunlop motorcycle tyres have created a highly accomplished dual-purpose tyre. The Dunlop Trailsmart Max has been specifically engineered for the fast growing market of large trail/adventure bikes and riders looking for new experiences or challenges. Delivering precise handling, responsive feedback this tyre delivers confidence. It's low wear rates and long distance comfort on a wide range of surfaces allows you the freedom to roam to places you never knew existed or thought possible! Dunlop Trailmax This range is more "rugged" then the Trailsmart, it adds a more aggressive look and feel to the bike. Again an enduro tyre especially for older models of motorcycles hence the limited number of sizes available. Older enduro motorbikes had different sizes so here you can still find for eg some 18" wheel fitments. Dunlop D908RR Only two sizes in this very popular range, the 140/80-18 rear and the 90/90-21 front. This looks like a motocross tyre but I can assure you these tyres are street legal. These are for the hard core adventure bike riders who use their bikes on the road but in the blink of an eye decide they want to ride up a mountain or tour the world through a field......The Tread Blocks are reinforced to yield exceptional traction and stability. There is also generous open space around the shoulder area which privides ultimate traction in sand and mud. The heavy-duty casing offes excellent bump absorption and allows lower air pressures for larger footprint and increased traction. Dunlop Geomax Motocross The Geomax range are award and championship winning tyres. Those that buy motocross tyres know their stuff and we won't patronize you with the details. But for the sake of references these are the simple differences. The MX71 is for hard even rocky surfaces, the MX52 is the intermidiate range and probably the more all-rounder. The MX33 is for medium to soft terrain. Finally the MX11 and MAX12  which you can probably tell from it's "paddle like" blocks of tread is for very muddy or sand type surfaces. Dunlop Scootsmart Now to the more and more in demand scooter tyre. How things have changed with scooter tyres over the years. You think scooter and a small, slow insignificant two wheeler passes you by. Not anymore.

The sccoters of today can be monsters. Huge things with big powerful engines requiring the same respect as any other big motorcycle. So the Scootsmart is Dunlop's range in this growing category. The fact that it looks very similar to the "big" Roadsmart is not a coincidence. Applying the experienced gain from the Roadsmart, Dunlop basically "shrunk" it, making the Scootsmart a great choice for the smallwheel class. Unprecedented levels of technology, high grade silica tread compounds deliver optimum grip, handling and mileage.