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Why Buy Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres

Metzeler motorcycle tyres have a history of excellence really, that extends over a period of a whole century and more. The German brand with the elephant logo has really grown over the years and expanded it's ranges to cover all aspects of the motorcycle world but at the same time never compromising on quality. It's a company that doesn't really need an introduction if you're involved with motorbikes or scooters since their reputation proceeds them, however, we have put these few words together for those that don't know the brand probably becuase Metzeler are motorcycle specialists and do not make tyres for car etc. So once again we'll go through the most popular ranges and try and cast some light on the various models so hopefully make your choice easier. Once again we'll start with the Slick, track day and racing tyres, then the hypersport and sport-touring ranges for motorbikes. Of course we will go over the couple of options available in the cruiser or custom bikes sector and end up with the commuting, enduro and finally scooter tyres.

Metzeler Racetec Slick- The front tyre contour has been developed for fast handling, easy and precise turn-in and trajectory stability as you would expect with a bike racing tyre. The specific rear tyre contour is engineered for the high performance of modern Superbikes supporting full power accelerations. The main question for a slick is which compound to choose. Well it is quite simple. First entry is the CompK Slick. These track day tyres would be ideal for a novice who would like the tyres to last that bit longer and as long as you are not worried about shaving seconds of your lap times. The compounded tyres like the K1 and K2 are for those who do want to find those extra seconds and do take lap times extremely seriously. The K1 is the Soft compound and the K2 the Medium. Metzeler Ractec RR. We won't over complicate this range. Basically again as with the Slicks you get the K1 and K2 compounds. So it's like getting compounded slicks but with tread. Another advantage is that there are a few more sizes available in these treaded racing tyres. There is also a K3 version. K3 are the endurance or "hard" compound so makes it ideal for roadbike use. Also the K3 are considerably cheaper and once again would be a great choice for the odd track day. Metzeler Sportec M7RR Now with the Hyper-Sport Motorcycle Tyres. The new Metzeler Sportec M7 RR will eventually replace the very popular Sportec M5. So what's new? Well first of all it's starts with the actual development of the tyre. It has been uniquely made using the experience from British roads hence the RR markings on the tyre. The front tyre is a single compound, made from 100% silica, for anyone that is not sure what that is, it's the stuff that gives you good wet-weather grip. The rear tyre as you would expect nowdays, is dual compound, with soft silica shoulders for that extra grip when cornering at speed (with a harder compound beneath for stability) the centre compound is "harder" so to offer more mileage and stability. Zero degree belts running around the tyre carcass are tensioned differently in certain areas – this is the Metzeler ‘Interact’ technology which it has been using for the past few years on various ranges such as the M5 and Z8 tyre series. The belts have high tension in the middle and edges for stability and less tension in the shoulders for both feel and grip. Metzeler Sportec M5 The Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact boasts five well-defined zones over the entire contour of the tyre, always achieving the best grip lean for each angle, stability and constant feedback. The tread pattern of the Sportec M5 Interact has come about as the result of an extensive series of tests to achieve high effectiveness stability and drainage for all weather conditions, but also provides an increased life for the tyre. The tyre has a larger percentage of silica which helps the Sportec M5 have great adhesion on dry surfaces as well as uncompromising confidence in wet conditions, but at the same time managing to keep a rapid warm-up time for a maximum supersport grip level right from the start of your journey. Now the entry level Sport tyre so good value for money.

Sport Touring tyre of the year 2017 and 2018 the Metzeler Roadtec 01 has become a favourite for many. Developed to offer motorcyclists a high level of grip in different weather conditions, as well as changeable and low grip surfaces. The ROADTEC 01 is also capable of offering a mileage of reference in its segment, thanks to more uniform and regular wear, and great stability both at high speeds and with the bike fully loaded. As apparent from the name, ROADTEC 01 is the latest member of the ROADTEC family, the line of Metzeler products dedicated to radial Sport Touring tyres. They've even indrocuded a new X-Ply version with many new sizes. Whilst keeping a strong link with the family it belongs to, ROADTEC 01 draws a clear dividing line with the past, using completely different development and design criteria compared with the previous products. This is why, to complete the name, ROADTEC is not designated higher model number with respect to the Z8 but with the number 01 which identifies this tyre as a completely new project, from the materials used, to the profiles, to the compounds up to the most evident element, the tread pattern. Metzeler Roadtec Z8 Interact-   This is a motorcycle tyre that gives you, the rider, so much confidence, the last thing you need to look at is the weather! Metzeler Roadtec Z6- The Roadtec Z6 from Metzeler is an absolutely great, single compound, bike tyre. Excellent grip and comfort, good mileage, in fact, a very good all-rounder. Because the Sport-Touring range was upgraded with the Z8 Interact which is dual compound, the Z6 has kind of been left out of the lime-light. So where, and for whom, would this tyre be good for? Well it is very popular with couriers who demand quality and safety, being on their bikes all day, but at the same time value for money. So if you're on a budget but need the bike to commute and/or for the occasional weekend touring but don't want to spend too much on them then maybe the Roadtec Z6 from Metzeler is a good option.

Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra The premium Cruiser Bike tyre option offered by Metzeler is the ME888 Marathon Ultra. This new Custom Bike tyre has a very difficult task to achieve. Dismantling the legendary ME880 will be impossible for some riders and yet this is the promise. Great grip In all weather conditions wet or dry but this time promising even more mileage! In order to achieve this Metzeler engineers focused on every aspect of the tyre; compound, structure, tread and profile. Of course the goal of increasing mileage was not to affect the outstanding features which made its predecessor, the ME 880 Marathon, so famous: stability, agility, grip and excellent performance on wet roads. The polymers chosen for the compound of the ME888 have a greater resistance to abrasion and hence able to ensure more mileage, but this was not enough because grip was not to be compromised, so the resins picked this time were to allow excellent chemical grip in all weather. Another objective that these engineers achieved was to make the abrasion resistance properties last for the entire life cycle of the tyre. The new tread pattern was another significant cog in the development of the modern bike tyre. The design and structure allowed for more even wear of the entire tread. The tread pattern is more solid, thanks to the particular alternation of the grooves and sturdy knobs, together with the compound itself. The result is that the ME 888 Marathon Ultra delivers higher mileage compared to the ME 880 Marathon, but it also provides better water drainage. Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra considers itself once again one of the best options for custom, cruiser and chopper bike riders promising more mileage and allowing the biker to enjoy exactly what Metzeler's reputation has always been known for, and that is agility, stability, safety and comfort, for the entire life cycle of the tyre. Now watch this space because availability in tyre sizes will be increasing throughout the year. Metzeler ME880 Marathon When it comes to custom motorcycle tyres then this tyre is legendary. Still considered one of the best motorbike tyres you can get on the market of it's kind. This is one of Germany's finest!! Probably one of the most popular custom motorcycle tyres in Europe and the US. Built to handle the higher loads and handling characteristics of cruiser and touring bikes. Rear tyres feature flatter tread profile and larger contact patch for better traction and mileage. Computer-designed tread pattern with offset groove alignment for uniform wear characteristics. Tread pattern has excellent water displacement ability and stability over rain grooves and under hard braking. Low noise. To be honest some of the sizes will gradually fade as we see them being replaced by it's younger brother, the ME888. Metzeler Lasertec This is the commuting range.

For the bikes I like to call the "work-horses" of the motorcycle world. These tyres are x-ply so for bikes that cannot fit radial tyres. The newest materials and compound technology has been applied to the Metzeler Lasertec's classic tread pattern. Metzeler motorcycle tyres have improved the design and the original and well known, Lasertec for enhanced performance so you can get the most from your motorbike. Some of the features of the Metzeler Lasertec are that it has new compound with high Silica developed for outstanding grip both in dry and in wet enhancing riding performance. 'Classic' tread pattern design ensuring effective water dispersal for safe wet riding and wear regularity with long-lasting mileage.

Metzeler Tourance NEXT This is the Enduro or Adventure bike zone if we can still call it that after the introduction of the Tourance Next. There has been a total overhaul in the structure and profile of the Metzeler Tourance to produce the NEXT bike tyre range. This tyre has been designed to absorb bumps on the road in order to provide greater stability even at high speeds, and with the motorcycle loaded down with the top box and passenger in mind. The designers also had in mind a tread for better interaction with the ABS and braking system together with more pro road use. The particularly resistant structure of the carcass creates a rigidity that translates into greater and easier handling of the bike. The combination and interaction of the new tread and latest generation compounds result in a significant improvement compared to its predecessors in the Tourance family in terms of mileage, thanks to better and more even tread wear and that is saying something. Anyone who has used the original Tourance tyre range will know what we are talking about!!! Metzeler Tourance Do you want to talk about legends? Then this motorcycle tyre is just that, LEGENDARY! You know that when newer improved models come onto the market promising the world, yet riders with these dual-sport adventure bikes, come back to this. The Metzeler Tourance is one of the very best in enduro motorcycle tyres. BMW GS, Aprilia Caponord, V-Strom and Varadero riders swear by them. Tyre compound provides long mileage, stable handling and touring comfort on road tread design also handles light off-road riding. Optimized tread design reduces rolling noise. So yes still a great bike tyre and at brilliant price on our website and yes, still with that enduro look. Metzeler Karoo 3 Metzeler Motorcycle Tyres have tried to re-invent the ever popular Karoo to create a new concept in adventure bike and enduro tyres. The Karoo 3's are a tyre dedicated to off-road expeditions but at the same time offers improved road stability with greater mileage, around 30% of its predecessor. The footprint of the tyre is more uniform and there has been a change in the tread design which lends itself to improved stability. You can add the Karoo Street range now for a more "street" ride. Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara- The Metzeler Enduro 3 is an enduro tyre with very good on-road performance dedicated to the globetrotters always looking for fun riding no matter what the terrain is. Metzeler motorcycle tyres have always been proud of their tradition in their on/off tyre range. With other models as the world famous Metzeler Tourance, Karoo 3 and MCE Six Days, you can be sure you are buying into a company that takes tyre production and customer satisfaction seriously. Dedicated tread compound perfectly combining safe on-road cornering grip and good off-road traction. Tread pattern geometry designed for fast self-cleaning: stable and precise trajectories without skidding also on soft, muddy terrains. Great handling with easy corner entry, stable cornering and high safety margins when riding at the limit.

Metzeler Perfect ME77--Do not let the Metzeler ME77 classic design fool you. The tyre contour with wide curvature offers high precision in setting trajectories and thus providing easy handling. The tread design is quite specific with its dedicated groove geometry which allows great water drainage together very high mileage and constant performance. As you would expect from any Metzeler tyre the ME77 has good grip both in dry as well as in wet conditions, with high skid resistance. Metzeler ME22 This is a modern classic motorcycle tyre from Metzeler. The tyre contour of the ME22 with its wide curvature allows for high precision in setting trajectories and providing easy handling to the rider. The specific tread design with dedicated groove geometry offers great water drainage, and at the same time very high mileage together with continious performance. Good grip both in dry as well as in wet conditions, it what you would expect from a Metzeler motorcycle tyre. A popular choice for many mopeds and excellent price for a branded tyre.