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Why Buy Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres

Why Buy Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres

Why Buy Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres? I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that Pirelli has become a household name when it comes to motorcycle tyres. The fact that they have been around for over 100 years, are the fifth largest tyre company in the world and that most bike riders associate the brand with good quality only re-emphasizes this fact. To be honest, as a tyre brand in the motorcycle and scooter sector, which we will put our focus on, Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres have been making the headlines for all the right reasons. We just have to look at the years and years of successes in the world of two wheel sport to see the progress of the brand. There have been World Superbike Championships which in turn has helped with the development and construction for road tyres and again numerous World Championships in the Motocross scene again helping the brand with their off road ranges. So when you consider Pirelli its not just about Formula One, riding technology runs very deep in the veins of this motorbike tyre giant. So when it comes to us going through the popular ranges of Pirelli motorbike tyres, we will try and be as transparent as possible so as to help you decide on which of the ranges would be most suitable for your motorcycle or scooter. To be quite frank, it will take us some time and effort only because as a brand the Pirelli bike tyre ranges are very comprehensive, if not, the most comprehensive, in the motorbike tyre world. A typical example is the scooter tyre ranges. Where some brands just have the one tyre, or maybe even a couple, Pirelli has about twelve scooter tyres but we will focus on the main ones. You can purchase a comprehensive range of Pirelli motorcycle tyres on our website.

Pirelli Superbike Slicks- We'll try not to complicate things here. Basically there are two main categories, the compounded version which comes in a mix of different compounds and the Pro. Anyone who races bikes does not need an introduction to this World Champion of the track. The compounded range is available in the popular SC1 which is a soft compound, the SC2 which we'll say is like a medium. These make up probably 90% of the market demand in Pirelli bike tyres as either one or a combination of these would be best suited for a race. There is also an SC0 which is super soft and used for qualifying laps. The other range of slicks is the Superbike Pro motorcycle tyre which is again more or less a "medium-ish" to slightly harder compound for track days and for those who would like a bit more of a longer life in their tyres. Our goal is not necessarily to shave off seconds in a lap but to feel safe and comfortable and of course to go as fast as we can, but lets just say, we would know after using these tyres for a while whether maybe we could make the step up to the compounded ones. There is also a considerable difference in their prices. Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC and SP The Supercorsa SC is the bike tyre range which is exactly like the Superbike Slick range, so again we have the SC1 and SC2 compounds but of course the difference is the fact that these motorcycle tyres are treaded. So looking at them you will notice they are almost semi-slicks, in other words, there is alot of rubber touching the track surface which gives you that bike racing feel and grip, also allows the tyre to heat up quickly but there is some tread to allow the evacuation of surface water. The SP range looks exactly the same but the compound and construction of the tyre is "harder" making it road legal for that aggressive racer in you. It's also OE fitment on some Ducati's and MV Augusta motorcycles. Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 2- The Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 2 tyres are made with the most modern design technologies developed in the World SuperBike Championships. Thanks to multi-compound composition of this motorcycle tyre, by having three zones at the rear gives it the capability of optimising the area of contact, thus ensuring maximum grip either on road or racetrack. Pirelli have continued their aggressive Diablo Rosso tread design with this range. This motorcycle tyre combines racetrack performance with the comfort and predictability you expect from a high-performance street tyre. A few more sizes available in this fast tyre range. Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 is the latest hypersport tyre for those whose focus is on grip and not necessarily mileage as per a sport touring tyre. Of course again an improvement to the Rosso 2 and a newer tread design and compound variation. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II is second generation Pirelli Diablo Rosso, the Diablo Rosso II, features a dual compound tread spread between a grip compound on the shoulder (25 per cent) and wet/mileage compound in the centre (75 per cent) of the rear tyre. Of course the range has shrunk in size with the tyres available but Pirelli have kept producing them because 1. they are still very popular and are a success with many riders and 2. they have been reduced in price, making them a very affordable if not a "budget" hypersport bike tyre!!

Sport Touring is the fastest growing and largest sector of motorcycle tyres so all major maufacturers are putting alot of emphasis in this area. Unlike in the car and truck sectors you have a winter tyre that copes with the cold weather, excess water on the road and snow there is no such equivalent in the world of motorbikes. To be honest motorcycle tyres are all season but you would avoid riding in the snow for example unless you had an on/off road bike tyre that could deal with the situation. Pireli Angel GT 2 is the very latest in sport touring from Pirelli. New construction and tread design promises an even better riding experiance then the very popular Pirelli Angel GT (Gran Turismo).  The Pirelli Angel GT however, is an award winning motorbike tyre with top results in handling in wet weather conditions and outstanding durability. It's the ideal bike tyre for those riders who want to travel long distances with a passenger and the bike fully loaded, or who simply take a ride in the country, but also for those who want to use their bikes all year round, both for recreation and commuting. All of this is true no matter what motorbike is used, whether a touring bike, a street enduro, naked or sport bike. The tread design on the new Angel GT is an evolution of the Angel ST tread in technological terms because it was designed for the primary purpose of providing a motorcycle tyre yeilding regular wear and excellent water drainage. As regards the compounds, the Pirelli Angel GT is a dual blend that uses a compound designed to obtain high mileage at the centre, while the compound on the shoulders of the tyre is different with a high silica content in order to guarantee exceptional tyre performance even in the wet. The high mileage durability was obtained by using latest generation compounds and also thanks to the completely brand new profiles, redesigned to work in synergy with the structure and the modern motorbike tyre construction materials: all of this works together to obtain a sport touring tyre that still maintains the sports nature typical of the Pirelli brand. Pirelli Angel ST This is the previous model to the GT range. Again a great Sport-Touring (ST) tyre which has a unique personality directly communicated through the tread pattern. In fact, its features clearly show the image of an Angel to inspire confidence and safety to the rider in any kind of riding conditions: during long journeys as in everyday motorcycle riding. But after approximately 1000 kilometers (600 miles), the initial angelic image passes - unveiling the icon of a Demon, with its distinctive tail and other unique features. The tread changes in the first stage of tyre life to reflect the double soul of the product. This range will gradually be reduced in size giving way to the Angel GT but at the same time also reduced in price giving motorcycle riders a cheaper opportunity to try this quality Pirelli tyre. Pirelli Diablo Strada This is the "grandad" of the above two. The first generation of bike sport-touring tyres. Still a fantastic tyre for motorcycles. Single compound of course but very popular for the budget conscious riders who still want quality. The Pirelli Diablo Strada tyre represents unbelievable value for money and is very popular amongst couriers here in London who are the "fussest" and possibly the most demanding of riders wanting safety, comfort and performance in a tyre that has a long road life.

Pirelli Night Dragon- The Pirelli Night Dragon motorcycle tyre is a premium tyre designed for cruiser riders who demand and at the same time need, grip, performance together with forceful style. Todays custom motorbikes and hot-rodded V-twins have increased engine sizes, more torque, more horsepower, and upgraded suspensions, create a combination that requires motorbike tyres dedicated to riding that performance on any highway. The Pirelli Night Dragons tyre tread pattern has style and at the same time provides good riding performance by taking advantage of the contact patch to offer a faster warm up, giving you the rider confidence in bike stability and traction. The hydrodynamics of its groove placement ensures efficient tyre draining in wet riding conditions; the way it works is that the Pirelli the Night Dragons front tyre tread design cuts through water and the rear tyre tread disperses the residual water, giving controlled grip in all weather conditions.

Pirelli Sport Demon- This is Pirelli's answer to fill the gap that covers most mid range motorbikes, that is those from around 125cc to the older 1300cc, that wear x-ply tyres. This tyre is for those bikes that need stability together with comfort and speed but do not fit radial tyres. New generation cross ply motorcycle tyre with sport tread pattern for Bias equipped sport and sport touring bikes. Special design profile to greatly improve handling. Excellent water evacuation thanks to central 'sine-wave' groove. New compound for best mechanical wet and dry grip without compromising mileage, thanks to increased tyre tread groove depth. Pirelli City Demon The Pirelli City Demon is a motorcycle tyre for commuter bikes in everyday use. We live in a busy world where you don't want the tyres on your motorbike to let you down. That means the tyre your bike wears needs to live up to that! Well here it is: The tread pattern has been designed to give great mileage and even wear. The front tyre is designed with central groove for good straight stability, good wet performance and at the same time to assure secure and controllable riding in all weather conditions. The tyre carcass is very robust for high durability and is available for a wide range of smaller motorcycles.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 -The enduro motorcycle was born during the 1980s when BMW GS had begun winning the most important African rallies, using resistant motorcycles with a 21' enduro tyre on front. Soon these big adventure motorcycles started to meet the street. This marrage created the enduro tyre of today. This segment of enduro is one of the strongest in the market, and BMW GS series is still very popular. Other manufacturers have entered the scene by bringing back the off road bike like the Yamaha Tenere, Suzuki V-Storm or the Honda TransAlp. Pirelli Scorpion Trail 2 has been created to answer to the new requirements of an increasingly demanding market. An aggressive look, mixed with technological innovations and essential features like high speed stability, off-road traction, handling and comfort. Pirelli Scorpion MT90 A/T What does the A/T stand for I hear you say, it stands for All Terrain. Pirelli Scorpion MT90 A/T is flexible for use on asphalt roads and on rough ground, with high levels of road holding and safety on all types of surface. The tyre tread with its large central blocks allow for a more stable ride and V arrangement for the maximum grip in traction and braking. Optimised tyre carcass for best stability at high speeds even at full load. O.E fitment for KTM 950/990 Adventure. Compound with balanced silica content capable of ensuring high mileage and better grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Pirelli MT21 Rallycross You know when you are so happy with a motorbike tyre that is a winning formula without the risk taking? Well you have this in the Pirelli MT21 Rallycross. It is one of those motorbike tyres that just works! The same enduro tyre that has been produced, sold and used for years with outstanding results and value for money. A bike tyre developed for globetrotting motorcyclists and rally specialists who require maximum flexibility of use, from the dunes of the desert to the busy roads of the town, yes this looks like a motocross tyre but nevertheless it is a street legal tyre. The MT21 tyre has a flexible carcass to ensure high stability and precision in setting and following trajectories. The tread offers the ability to be used on dirt tracks and gravel, cross country racing and in the desert. High performance off road and the blocks have greater resistance to tearing thanks to the specific compound used in this tyre. Pirelli Scorpion Rally So what does a biker do if there is snow, give up? It's winter and I need a so called winter tyre!! Well as we said there isn't a winter tyre for motorcycles as such but if we were to give a tyre that label, then one of those ranges would be the Pirelli Scorpion Rally. Due to the Advance Mixing Process the compounds used in this tyre to provide a high fatigue resistance, in other words they are quite durable even after intensive use, giving you long lasting performance. The front block design and layout is specifically laid out in the manner that it is to give directional stability even at high speeds. The rear tyre provides great traction on all types of terrain, even the most demanding whether you are riding for pleasure or trying to win a competition. The innovative tyre structure grants outstanding performance and high resistance to punctures. M + S= Mud + Snow.

Pirelli Scorpion MX Mid Soft 32 The Pirelli Scorpion MX Mid Soft 32 motorbike tyre has been specifically made to perform on soft surfaces like sand or mud and other more intermidiate surfaces such as grassy areas and even dry and compact ground. The way the tyre has been manufactured provides great traction to ensure the maximum transmission of power to the ground which is especially essential when you are competing. When looking at the tread pattern the V-shaped block layout is noticable so as to optimise the motorcycles stability on braking and grip when cornering. This is a motocross tyre that will give you realiability and performance in the racing atmosphere because it has been developed with the contribution of the most prestigious riders in MX. There are alot more ranges for motocross bikes which we will eventually add to this list.

Pirelli Angel SC and Rosso SC- Gone are the days when scooters would plod along the side of the road at 30mph top speed. Todays scooters are fast and furious. That, coupled with the fact that scooter riders are also much quicker, flexible and demanding you need a scooter tyre to forefill those needs. Pirelli motorcycles answer is the Pirelli Angel and Rosso scooter: Pirelli's new radial scooter tyre for the demanding class of sport scooters. Tread pattern adapted from the Pirelli Diablo sport tyre adds the best wet handling and dry grip while limiting road noise. High-performance tread compound imported directly from Pirelli's sport-touring tires results in more mileage and regular wear. Larger contact patch maximizes braking efficiency and traction in all weather conditions, which increases rider safety.  Pirelli SL38 Unico- The Pirelli SL38 Unico has been such a successful scooter tyre it feels like its been with us forever. It has a Sport-Touring tread pattern for scooters making it quite a unique scooter tyre. This "classic" tyre design tread has a low section profile and stiff carcass. The large tread blocks all for an enhanced wet performance and even wear. Another outstanding feature of this particular tyre is it has very good durability, comfort and mileage it offers. Very popular with some of the classic bikes like Vespa.