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Avon Motorcycle Tyres

Avon Motorcycle Tyres were established over 100 years ago. The majority of manufacturing takes place here in the UK. Basically this means a great heritage and wealth of experience in the production of motorbike tyres but also the British and European weather has an effect on the development of each tyre range making Avon Tyres a great choice for us here. The new Spirit ST and the 3D Storm X-M Sport Touring has received great reviews for handling and mileage, Avon Custom/ Cruiser Bike tyres will always be a market leader and now plan to be even better with the Cobra Chrome. The AM26 Roadrider is one of the best selling commuting tyres as they are great value for money and there are many classic bike sizes. Great improvements have been made in the hypersport and sport sections also with the 3D Ultra ranges. For enduro bike you have the TrailRider which is also popular amongst Cafe Racers and the TrekRider which is slightly more aggressive looking. TyreTec always stock the biggest brands in right here at the lowest online UK prices!

Avon Spirit ST Sport Touring Tyres
Avon Storm 3D X-M Sport Touring Tyres
Avon 3D Ultra Sport Tyres
Avon 3D Ultra Xtreme Hypersport/ Track Day
Avon Cobra Chrome Cruiser/ Custom Tyres
Avon Cobra Chrome Whitewall Tyres
Avon Venom AM42 Cruiser/ Custom Tyre
Avon AM26 Roadrider Mid-Range Tyres
Avon Streetrunner Motorcycle Tyres
Avon AM6 / AM7 & Side Car Classic Tyres
Avon Trailrider AV53/ AV54 Motorcycle Tyres
Avon TrekRider AV84/ AV85 On/ Off Road Tyres
Avon Viper Stryke AM63 Scooter Tyres