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Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres

Maxxis has rapidly, in it's relatively short existence, become one of the world's top 10 tyre manufacturers. As a now internationally known company they are fully committed in delivering high performance motorbike and scooter tyres with unequalled quality and performance. As a company there is now over forty five years of experience where new technologies together with the ingenuity of innovative staff have managed to create a diverse variety of bike tyre products. As you would expect the tyres are thoroughly tested at Maxxis' world leading tyre test centres. In addition, each product is tested with the local national engineering and international team of world champions. Order your motorcycle tyres online at TyreTec and discover why we are the UK's favourite bike tyre dealer!

Maxxis Supermaxx Sport MA-PS Tyres
Maxxis Supermaxx ST Sport Touring
Maxxis Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS Tyres
Maxxis Supermaxx Touring M6029 Tyres
CST Magsport C6501 + C6502 Tyres
Maxxis M6011 Classic/ Cruiser Tyres
CST CM509 Adventure Bike Tyres
Maxxis M6011 Whitewall Classic Tyres
Maxxis M6029 Scooter Tyres
Maxxis MX-ST M7332 Motocross Tyres